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About Satyarth Prakash

Satyarth Prakash means the Light of Truth. In fact, it is a Light House in the ocean of knowledge, where human mind can anchor at safe point during the turmoil and tempest.

It is, in fact, the beacon light leading people from darkness to light, irrationality to rationality, irreligion to religion, and nescience to science. It embodies the teachings of Swami Dayanand Saraswati on all matters – religious, social, educational, political and moral, also his beliefs and disbeliefs and the way of life as envisaged by the Vedas and the Vedic culture, which prevailed throughout the whole World till 5000 years back, when enlightenment, peace and prosperity was at the Zenith of its glory.

It presents a charter of life at once sublime and noble. It contains principles and rules of conduct to all. In short it makes people mould and better their lives on the lines which were chalked out by the Vedas and the pattern laid down by what is the best in ancient Vedic heritage, whose living symbol was the Swami himself.

Author’s comments on the tenets and working of various religious denominations were made in good faith and were not motivated, as the author has envisaged, for injuring the susceptibilities of their adherents. He meant to bring forth truth to light and prevent perpetration of ‘Adharma’ (unrighteousness) in the name of ‘Dharma’ (righteousness). In fact it gave the incentive specially to the divines of those faiths to revise their teachings and give them a rational tone. The object of the Maharshi in writing this volume, to quote his own words, is as under:-

”……there is not the remotest idea to hurt the feelings of any person either directly or indirectly; but on the contrary, the book proposes that men should distinguish truth from falsehood. Thus alone can the human race steadily advance on the path of happiness, since none but the preaching of truth is the cause of the improvement of the human family.”

It is widely read by the people living in India and Overseas. This book was originally written in Hindi so as to enable both classes and the masses to be benefited by it and has been availed by millions of people. Satyarth Prakash has been translated in around 22 languages till date.