Prayer Mantra App has been developed and presented for benefit of people searching for appropriate Vedic Mantras for various occasions including Hawan, 16 Sanskars including Vivah Sanskar (Marriage), Birthday, and much more.

App comes preloaded with some essential Mantras.
  • (a) Pratah Jagran Mantra
  • (b) Pratah Sandhya Mantra
  • (c) Sayam Sandhya Mantra
  • (d) Ratri Shayan Mantra

The unique functionality is that the Sandhya Mantra autoplays as per Sunrise/Sunset timings as per the location of the user. Morning Wakeup Mantra and Evening Sleeping Mantra sing at fixed timings of 5 am and 10 pm respectively.

User can also download specific mantras in Male or Female voices as per requirement. Mantra Part is in Sanskrit language only whereas instruction part can be selected from available options.

Chanting these mantras is your conversation with God, with no one to come between you and the divine. Hence the potential is infinite. Regain your Spiritual Power, the divine power, your potential, that is right there inside you with these mantras.